Bettering ourselves, and the community

Our Chapter strongly believes that any organization that does not contribute to your personal growth and development is not worth affiliating with. Having said that, the Eta Psi Chapter takes a very active stance in working to improve the life skills of each of our brothers. We also firmly believe it is our duty to be the Assisting Hand, helping out our campus, our community, and the Birmingham area in any way we can.


The Resolute Man

The Resolute Man represents the future of Theta Chi Fraternity. For the first time in our history, we are defining the desired outcomes of membership in a desirable fashion. The Resolute Man is a set of standards for defining what membership in Theta Chi Fraternity truly means. When brothers seek to become a Resolute Man, they are not only striving to become a better Theta Chi, but also a better man. Focusing on aspects such as Leadership and Teamwork Development, Alma Mater First, Social Competence and Development, Life After Graduation, and Theta Chi for Life and the Assisting Hand, the Resolute Man is something that all true brothers of Theta Chi will strive to become.

sacred purpose.png

The Sacred Purpose

The Mission of Sacred Purpose is simple; to protect our brothers, and the broader campus community, by providing health and safety education.

The highest expression of manhood and true friendship is caring for and helping others. As Theta Chis, we have been called to live out this higher purpose, to lead a more noble life, to inspire a better brotherhood. It is our Sacred Purpose.

Sacred Purpose is a movement that will do more than assist and protect members—it will help every member live his very best life. By offering programmatic support at the chapter and international levels, we can live up to our highest calling.


The Assisting Hand

With a firm dedication to serving our campus, community, and city, our Chapter has taken careful steps to start and maintain ongoing service partnerships with UAB, the Glenn Iris Neighborhood Association, Red Mountain Park, and Railroad Park. With regular service days to serve our community, our Chapter works hard to be the Assisting Hand to everyone around us.